Dianne Scoles (1941-2020)

Artist, Art History Professor, Activist, Genealogist, Researcher, Teacher, Reiki Master, Writer, Tireless Worker & Mother Extraordinaire

Dianne Scoles


Slainte from the artist of The Trailer, 2020 (see her drawing below) with a pint of Guinness in 2017, on her 12th trip to Ireland (her favourite place in the world to visit).

The Trailer

Dianne Scoles, 2020

Line drawing on art paper.

Limited Edition 4″ X 6″ Bookmark featuring The Trailer, original artwork by Dianne Scoles

Brigit ‘the Basket Case’ Scoles

Accounts Receivable

Found on her last legs, at about two weeks old on the Scoles family farm, October 31st, 2016. The Reiki Master (Mom) gave her the energy & support she needed to survive & thrive & take on the world.