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If you are interested in purchasing a signed & personally-dedicated copy of The Trailer and/or Coming Attractions 13 please let me know by sending a message below. Let me know how many/which copies, as well as the name of the person you’d like the dedication made to, and any special notes you would like included, and we’ll sort out the details. Included with each book purchased is a limited edition 4″ X 6″ bookmark featuring original artwork by Dianne Scoles, my mother and major supporter of my writing.

The Trailer–100 pages; poetry–personally-dedicated & signed by the author: $25 each (or 4 for $90); delivery included

Coming Attractions 13–125 pages; short fiction–personally-dedicated & signed by the author: $25 (or 4 for $90); delivery included

Any combination of 4 books (3 Trailers & 1 Attractions, for example): $90. Artists, Seniors, Students & those living on fixed, inadequate or minimal incomes: 10 % off (just let me know in your message).

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