James Scoles

James Scoles is the author of the poetry collection The Trailer (Signature Editions), featuring his CBC Poetry Prize-winning title poem and signature wit. His short stories are featured in Coming Attractions 13 (Oberon Press).

James Scoles, 2020

“With wit and memorable precision, The Trailer takes a setting which is not familiar to poetry, adopts its argot, houses it within a firm structural base and elegantly chronicles the pain inherent in the concept of ‘success.’ Each quatrain expresses the fullness of an individual life, and indicates not just the conscious suffering of the speaker, but the ways in which class-orientated discrimination denies the subjectivity of the individual.” 

Sue Goyette & Anne Michaels, award-winning authors & CBC Poetry Prize judges


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NEW EVENT & VIDEO--Featured Poet--Speaking Crow--Winnipeg's Longest-Running Open Mic (Tuesday, Oct. 5th)--watch & listen to James read poetry from The Trailer & his new collection, The Stone Roses of Sarajevo:

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Watch the recorded live launch: http://www.signature-editions.com/index.php/books/single_title/the_trailer

Lori Cayer, James Scoles, and Caroline Wong with host Charlene Diehl, for the Voices in Verse: Spring 2021 Poetry Book Launch.

News: April 18 - 28: The Trailer makes McNally Robinson--Winnipeg Bestsellers List!

"James Scoles spent a decade travelling before he began to write seriously. He can be savage or hilarious as the mood takes him... bright and brash... loving and tender... powered by excellently odd dialogue and loving observations of snowbird trailer parks. Did I mention tequila, whiskey, vodka, beer? His stories are an education in alcohol and bonding or lack thereof." 

Mark Anthony Jarman
Award-winning author of Knife Party at the Hotel Europa, Dancing Nightly in the Tavern, Salvage King Ya! and Ireland's Eye, among others.
The Trailer

As they explore love and life balanced on the edge of a city, in a mobile home perched precariously, metaphorically on the fringe of society, the poems in The Trailer dig past the daily detritus of the lover’s world of tin-walled hope and melamine dreams to reveal humour, beauty, and joy.

The Trailer is now available in Canada and worldwide–you may order a copy here, and help support our independent bookstores, or you may order a copy from the publisher here.

You may also order a signed, dedicated author’s copy here, that also includes a limited edition bookmark, featuring Dianne Scoles‘ original artwork (see below).

James Scoles is the author of The Trailer. He lives in Winnipeg, where he teaches creative writing and literature at the University of Winnipeg & also helps run a small, 120-year-old family farm.